Frequently Ask Questions


Q: Do I need one for each child?

A: Possibly. It all depends on ages, whether or not they follow the same routines at the same time, and where you want to place the routine stickers (i.e in individual bedrooms/bathrooms). Families with two kids just a year or 2 apart have found having 1 will do. Families with a wider age gap or more than 2 kids may need addition kits.

Q: Does it come with a pouch to hold the stickers I am not currently using?

A: No, not needed.  Because you can re-stick the stickers to multiple surfaces you can store them at the back of a door or cupboard for safekeeping.

Q: Where is the best place to put these in my home?

A: It all depends on your family’s routines. Be sure to place them at your child’s eye level and in areas that will remind your child of what they should do.

Q: Does this really work? Will this really help my child follow routines and cause me to no longer hound and nag them to do things?

A: Yes, there is extensive research that proves visual schedules are very effective and will increase a child’s independence by removing the need for the child to ask adults about what has to be done.  However, keep in mind this is not magical and your child will have to be taught how to use the visuals in order for it to be effective. You also need to make sure you are rewarding your child for completing their routines.

Q: Is this only for kids with autism?

A: No, all kids benefit from visual cues, therefore, Reward’um ™ My routine kit is suitable for all kids, everywhere.

Q: Can you tell me how I should effectively implement this at home?

A:  Absolutely, hop on over to  for detailed How-to videos. You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook @ Rewardum for other ideas and inspiration.

Q: There are a lot of other routines and activity stickers that I require for my family and not available in the starter kit, what do I do?

A: Hang tight, they are on the way. We are in the process of developing the add-on visual schedule kit so stay connected with us on Instagram or Facebook and you will be the first to know when this becomes available. In the meantime, we would love to hear what routines and activities you want to be added, send us a direct message on social media or email us at

Return Policy

If not completely satisfied, you may return your purchase within 30 days of purchase to. Send us an email and let us know why you are not happy with your purchase.

You will be refunded 100% of your original order cost minus shipping. Your refund will be processed once we have received the returned items. Depending on your method of payment, it may take 3 -10 business day before your funds are returned to your bank account.

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Damaged goods or opened packages where stickers have been removed will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

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