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Watch your child begin to follow routines and completechores without you having to nag

Re-sticks to multiple

Surfaces again and again so

you can stick it wherever your

kids need it the most

( and as parents we know it needs to be everywhere, all the time)

Builds responsibility,
independence and confidence, while reducing stress, anxiety, and tantrums during transitions

(because we want to be proud parents that laugh more and yell less)

Ethnically Diverse Characters

(Because it’s time our kid’s visual schedule reflected the diverse society we live in)

Durable, high quality, non-oxic,
nickel, PVC, and phthalate free

(because we know kids get silly and stick things in places they shouldn’t)

Reward’um Kid’s Routine Kit
“The Others”

No Cumbersome boards

You need your bedtime and morning routines in a convenient location so it becomes their step by step guide. What good is your visual schedule if it’s stuck on the refrigerator?

No Magnets needed

Most of our stainless steel appliances aren’t magnetic anymore, so where are you going to put those magnetic boards again?

No nails or tacks required

Put your toolkit away, no need to hammer and damage your walls in attempt to keep your schedule up so it’s visible

No small pieces, velcro or additional attachments

… because your kids are going to eventually lose them all anyway

Cityline host Tracy Moore and design expert Shai Deluca share how Reward’um™ routine kits can support kids who may have anxiety and how to decorate a space that is not overstimulating and sensory-friendly.

Our Story

After 20 years of supporting hundreds of children, caregivers, and educators I would have to say my top 2 tools that are essential in motivating kids to be responsible, independent, and confident are visual schedules and reward charts. Visual schedules are visual tools that help individuals understand what they are supposed to do and indicate what is going to happen…

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