How to get your kids to listen more & argue less- Recorded Webinar


Do you feel like you’re constantly yelling and still your kids don’t do what you have asked?

What would life be like if you asked your child to complete a task and they actually did it right away without whining, flopping to the floor or arguing why they shouldn’t have to?⁠

⁠How happy would you be if your child woke up, got ready and came down for breakfast without arguing with you or their siblings?⁠

Do you want to have more peace and laughter in your home and fewer arguments, tantrums and power struggles?⁠

By the end of this webinar, you will understand why tantrums and talking back happens so frequently, how to handle those challenging situations and be equipped with tons of strategies so that you can parent with confidence and have more heartwarming proud parent moments.

P.S! You get lifetime access to the webinar! Don’t have time right now? No worries, watch it later. Want your spouse to hear the great tips that inspired you? Cuddle up on the couch, grab your iPad and start watching.  Forgot some of the techniques you want to try?  That is ok, just log in and watch it again and again.

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