Our Story

After 21 years of supporting hundreds of children, caregivers, and educators I would have to say my top 2 tools that are essential in motivating kids to be responsible, independent, and confident are visual schedules and reward charts.  Visual schedules are visual tools that help individuals understand what they are supposed to do and indicate what is going to happen. When reward charts are used effectively, they are great tools for reinforcing positive behaviours and eliminating the negative ones.  

With a background in psychology and applied behaviour analysis, I know the essential components of an effective visual schedule and reward chart.  I searched everywhere to see what was available, only to find many of them lacked key elements, so I decided to make my own.

After spending countless hours laminating, sticking on magnets and velcro pieces to make my own schedules and charts, I was still not satisfied, and  I had had enough. There has got to be a better way I thought, a few years later Rewardum™ was born.

Rewardum™ products has all the key components and are perfectly crafted for the parent who wants to inspire their kids to grow up with positive life habits but yet craves simplicity and practicality.

Founder of Cornerstone Family Services, Creator of, Reward’um™

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